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Some of the training we offer at BeachOps is:


So maybe you are still a bit apprehensive about SCUBA. Try SCUBA is for you. This will be your opportunity to see the gear and learn a little about how everything works. Then you will have the opportunity to put it on, go under water, and breath with the fishes. THIS ONE IS FREE.

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Open Water Certification :

So you have decided it is time to get certified. Maybe this is a life long dream or a bucket list item, either way we provide all the equipment you will need except the bathing suit and towel. We don't expect you to buy a mask, fins, and snorkel, then pay more for your books, and then pay additional fees for the open water dives. Our fee is all inclusive. The training starts with your eLearning book work. Then there are two days of pool dives learning the basic skills. After that we do two days of open water dives going over the skills that you learned in the pool and thats it, your certified and your certification will last for life. --$399.99--

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Refresher Training:

Maybe it has been a while since your last dive or since you got your certification. We can get you back into the water and help you remember the skills that you learned. $79.99

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Advanced Open Water:

This is for divers who already have the Basic Certification but want to learn more. In the Advanced course you will learn more about Navigation, Deep Diving, Night Diving and other specialties. This class has minimal book work and two days of open water dives to get the certification. Many dive operators require an Advanced certification for some dives. $249.99

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Nitrox/Enriched Air:

Looking to increase your no decompression times? Want to spend more time underwater on those repetitive dives? Are you a science nerd and want to learm more about the physiology of diving and how the human body works with different gases under the pressure of different atmospheres? The Nitrox/Enriched air certification is for you. Call for price.

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Rescue Diver Certification:

So now its time to move beyond general diving. In the Rescue Diver class you will learn advanced self rescue, buddy rescue, panicked diver rescue, and much more. Recognize the signs of a distressed diver before the emergency happens and be prepared to help before something bad happens. Remember the life you save may just be your own. $349.99

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